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Quantum, distributors of SIRIO and Skipper GPS Satelite Steering Systems

 SirIo GPS Satallite Steering System

sirio_gpsA steering aid system connected to the GPS satellite network. Its function is to give directions to the operator while carrying out a range of agricultural treatments using farm equipment. Through signals sent by geostationary satellites, SIRIO provides instructions so that the equipment will never pass over a previously treated area.

  • Can be used as a foam marker for crop spraying treatments, sowing processes, etc.
  • Can be positioned inside or outside the cab.
  • FREE direct connection to GPS satellite network
  • FREE "SKYGUIDE" exclusive software enables precision operation in zone where the correction signal is unavailable. No subscription fees for specific correction signals.
  • Indication of course by means of LED bars.
  • Multilingual alphanumeric display.
  • Gives information on misalignment, track number, track treated,, area treated, speed and steering angle.
  • Alarm sets on when zones already treated are passed over, tracks are overlapped, satellite signal is lost, etc.
  • Possibility to return to last point treated at any given time.
  • Choice of steering mode, curve or straight.
  • Leica Geosystems satellite receiver included.
  • Free firmware updates by personal computer.

How it works:
The machinery first traces the perimeter of the field to betreated SIRIO collects all the data and stores it into memory. At the end of the course, it signals to the operator that he is nearing the initial track. After marking points A and B of the straight line that will be used as a reference, the whole plot can be treated by parallel tracks. During the process SIRIO will give the operator instructions by means of LED bars and a message on the display.




The Skipper and Skipper LT are two GPS navigators especially designed for farming purposes and for demanding users.

Thanks to their large, robust and protected 4" screen, special design and innovative software, they are the right tool for most farming jobs.

Skipper is especially suitable for sprayers connected to the Bravo300S and Bravo400 for automatic boom section control and/or variable rate spraying.

Skipper LT is very user-friendly, transportable and with a good price/quality ratio.

Features of the Skipper

  • Variable spray rate control
  • Automatic boom section and/or main valve closing when on treated areas
  • Wireless communication (W24) with other ARAG devices
  • Working data storage on internal memory or outer Pen drive
  •  Main valve automatically closed when driving on a treated area (if connected to Bravo 300S).
  • Sections automatically closed when on a treated area (if connected to Bravo 300S RCU).
  • Connection to Sirio.
  • Alarm with boom section control when driving on a treated area.
  • Indication of steering point to center next track.
  • Field perimeter and area calculation
  • Displayable GPS data: latitude, longitude, altitude, number of satellites, HDOP and DGPS level.
  • Display of completed treatment including starting and end position and work report (covered area, over-treated area, untreated area, field perimeter and extension).
  • Storage and display of interest positions.
  • User-friendly zoom function keys.
  • Pen drive connection to:
    • store work report for each position
    • import/export computer settings which can be easily copied to other identical machines -thus saving time- or sent by e-mail to be corrected by our Technical Support in case of configuration errors.
    • automatically update computer software after downloading firmware from ARAG web site
    • Selectable measurement units: international system (ha, km/h) and USA (Ac, Mph).
    • Selectable languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Polish, Russian, Czech.
    • Power supply: 12VDC.
    • Direction map reading in “shape” format
    • Increase/decrease of all spray rate by percentage values
  1. 2D / 3D display mode
  2. Driving mode: parallel, contour, parallel
  3. Field perimeter and area calculation.
  4. Display of number of lines, distance and
    direction to drive back where treatment
    was stopped.
  5. Storage of treatment stop position.
  6. Alignment function for row spraying
    (corn, sugar cane and so on).

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