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Hedge Trimmers

The double-sided hedge trimmer is designed for trimming hedges up to chest height. A double-sided trimmer could be equipped with an adjustable rear handle for increased flexibility and for better ergonomics when trimming the sides of hedges. For shaping hedges, the double-sided trimmer is the most suitable.

Single-sided trimmers are designed mainly for straight sections of hedge. With teeth on one side of the cutting bar, the blade can be longer without the machine becoming too heavy. A longer blade lets you clip larger areas in a single sweep.

Pole hedge trimmers are used for cutting high and low hedges, and ground cover too. With a pole hedge trimmer you can cut high hedges without a ladder. Because you can angle the cutting bar you can work more quickly and it’s easier to reach when cutting low or high hedges. The engine acts as a counterweight to the cutting bar, so the machine remains well balanced while you work.









Labour-saving hedge trimmer with adjustable cutter blade angle for optimal maneuvrability. The engine balances the cutter blade, which can be angled to reach even to the top of bushes. Also equipped with a reduced emission E-TECH® engine and Smart Start® and fuel pump for easier starting.

A very flexible, professional pole hedge trimmer with an adjustable cutter bar and extra long pole. The engine, which serves as a counterweight to the cutter bar, makes the machine exceptionally comfortable and easy to use when cutting taller hedges, without having to use a ladder or cherry picker. Powered by our E-TECH® II engine with reduced exhaust emissions.

Husqvarna 226HD60S is an exceptionally well-balanced and rugged double cutting edge hedge trimmer with X-Torq® engine. The robust design leads to long product life during tough use.

Robust and lightweight hedge trimmer, perfect for home owners. Easy starting with Smart Start® recoil system and air purge pump. Strong double sided cutter bar.

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