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Just as in applying crop protection products, the proper application of liquid fertilizer is important. Delivering nutrients to the crop in a timely and effective manner while minimizing crop damage is essential. TeeJet Technologies offers an extensive selection of nozzles specifically designed to maximize the performance of your liquid fertilizer application.

Solid stream nozzles, offered in both single- and multiple-stream versions, are designed to deliver fertilizer to the soil surface where it can be effectively utilized by the crop. By creating solid liquid streams, these nozzles greatly reduce foliar coverage in standing crop in order to minimize leaf burn. TeeJet Technologies StreamJet nozzles provide the ideal blend of compact, reliable design, ease of installation and affordable pricing.

In some cases, the use of a broadcast nozzle for fertilizer application may be desirable. This could include combined fertilizer/pesticide applications, foliar feeding or broadcast liquid fertilization of bare ground. For these applications TeeJet Technologies offers a wide variety of low drift, flat spray nozzles.


When selecting a specific capacity tip for liquid fertilizer application, always correct for liquid density. Application charts shown in this catalog are based on spraying water. Many fertilizer solutions are denser than water, which will affect the application rate. Please see page 125 for a list of density conversion factors.


Desired application rate is 20 GPA of 28% Nitrogen. Determine the correct nozzle size as follow:

GPA (liquid other than water) x Conversion Factor = GPA (from table in catalog)

20 GPA (28%) x 1.13 = 22.6 GPA (water)

The applicator should choose a nozzle size that will supply 22.6 GPA of water at the desired pressure.fertilizer_image

Note: Consult the chemical manufacturer’s product label for specific rate and application recommendations.




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