The Husqvarna range includes from heavy-duty machines to smaller saws for private use as well as models for felling, pruning and cutting firewood.

Power Cutters

Power Cutters with tomorrow's technology. Rely on one of Husqvarna's Power Cutters to get the job done with a powerful output and minimal effort.

Pole Saws

 Husqvarna's professional and light pole saws are designed to prevent injuries and make you work in a good ergonomic matter

Forestry Clearing

With a forest clearing saw you can easily remove smaller trees, bushes and brushwood with both power and balance.

Grass Cutting

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Automower® is like employing a full-time working gardener, but on a negligible salary. Automower® is the first fully robotic lawnmower, capable of working around the clock day in day out.

Zero Turn Mowers

Husqvarna's zero-turn mowers are engineered alongside the commercial models and offer optimal efficiency for those who have larger areas at hand.

Lawn Mowers

With a lawnmower from Husqvarna you can rely on getting excellent results with less effort, even though the terrain means varying complexity and steep slopes


With the front-mounted cutting deck, you have total control allowing you to reach under bushes and get closer to fences and walls.

Garden Tractors

Thanks to a wide range of attachments and a built-in choice of cutting methods a Husqvarna Garden Tractor offers great usability and becomes a powerfull partner  in your garden all year around.

Front Mowers

Husqvarna Front mowers are equipped with a front-mounted and low profile cutting deck. It will provide you with an excellent overview of the working area,

Trimming and Clearing

Hedge trimmers

A beautiful hedge can be the pride of any garden. Let us help you fullfil your hedge dreams with a precise tool suitable just for your needs.

Grass Trimmer

Looking for garden perfection? With a versatile and high performing grass trimmer you will get the job done in a comfortable and efficient way.


Rough grass, weeds, small bushes or brushwood? Whether you are a professional or homeowner there is a Brushcutter to meet your expectations.

Turf Care


An aerator can help you improve the porosity of the soil, enable drainage and encourage worms - a real health cure for your lawn.


Our powerful and compact dethatcher is designed with commercial components and can handle demanding jobs for many years.

Sod Cutter

Our powerful and compact sod cutter is designed with commercial components and can handle demanding jobs for many years to come.