Sod Cutters

Husqvarna Sod Cutters make your lawn breathe

Is your lawn looking tired and grey? Healthy grass needs air and space to flourish. By dethatching it you will remove any build-up of dead leaves, stems and overcrowded grass roots. Your lawn will turn green and lush again.

Our powerful and compact sod cutter is designed with commercial components and can handle demanding jobs for many years to come. And what’s more it does the work of three machines – mowing, mulching and dethatching – a unique combination for optimal use.

  • Durability
  • Ease of operation
  • Variable speed
  • Serviceability


SC 18

  • Working depth - 2.5 in
  • Working depth - 6.35 cm
  • Working width - 18 in
  • Working width - 45.72 cm

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