The Husqvarna range includes from heavy-duty machines to smaller saws for private use as well as models for felling, pruning and cutting firewood.

Power Cutters

Power Cutters with tomorrow's technology. Rely on one of Husqvarna's Power Cutters to get the job done with a powerful output and minimal effort.

Pole Saws

 Husqvarna's professional and light pole saws are designed to prevent injuries and make you work in a good ergonomic matter

Forestry Clearing

With a forest clearing saw you can easily remove smaller trees, bushes and brushwood with both power and balance.

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Manufacturers of:

  • Sprayers
  • Firefighters
  • Tanks and moldings
  • Metal Lazer Cutting
  • Foam Makers
  • Slashers
  • Pumps
  • CNC Engineering