Arag Precision Farming Products available from Quantum

Arag Bravo 400 S

BRAVO 400S is the new crop spraying computer, specially designed for use in combination with the SELETRON nozzle holder.

Designed to feature the accuracy required by the Seletron technology,Bravo 400S can now be adjusted to suit all field applications, if matched tothe proper electronic control, sensors,actuators and accessories. It can be used as navigator and as computer for the management of all crop spraying machine settings.

  • High-resolution 5.7" TFT display
  • 2 USB ports and an SD card reader for data transfer and software updates
  • 2 camera inputs
  • Input for external main valve control
  • 2 GB internal memory to store jobs, maps, tools, tractors, etc.
  • All graphic and numerical information is available on the same display.
  • User-friendly and easy to use.
  • Fewer steps required to start a new spraying treatment.
  • Possibility to manage more profiles (user, implement, tractor).
  • Guided data entry procedure to facilitate the setting of parameters required for the operation.

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Bravo 300 S

As the Bravo 300S sets new spraying standards it has become very popular worldwide.

Bravo300S is a medium-high range product designed to meet different requirements.
Available both with direct and CANBUS connection via remote control unit. Supports connection with multi-language graphic display.

Bravo 300S is a medium-high quality computer, which is able to manage all crop sprayer functions.

  • Graphic indicator for tank level
  • Master valve automatic shut-off if connected to Bravo400S/Delta80
  • Position and operation data recording on SD or transfer via serial port
  • Automatic spraying stop if pressure value drops under preset min. value so that nozzles work within their operating range.
  • Malfunction visual and sound alarms
  • Integrated Secure Digital (SD) memory card reader
  • Input for main valve outer control
  • RS232 serial port for GPS connection
  • Inputs for signals of: flow rate, speed, pressure, filling flow rate, tank level, revolution counter.
  • Outputs to control up to 7 boom sections, control valve, main valve and foam marker
  • Graphic backlit display - 240x64 pixels

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