Standard features


The chassis are super strong and built to last the harsh African conditions


The suspension systems are designed with stability in mind. Ground clearance is fully adjustable along with the track width, which is adjustable from 1.5m – 2.3m.


The tandem wheels are fitted with 15 inch rims as standard, and with the optional Trelleborg tyres, results in a system that is completely no-tilt ready.

Shock Tension Spring

The shock and tension spring combination is a unique stability feature which allows for high speed spraying with no damage to the boom.



Like the chassis our booms are built to withstand the harsh African conditions, the unique trapezium action is a standard feature on 12m + booms resulting in a longer boom life and better overall stability.

2 Point Breakaway

The unfolding action of the boom is available in manual or hydraulic to suit your specification, is height adjustable, and has a 2 point breakaway action for unseen obstacles.


Various nozzles are available. We offer a customised nozzle configuration as standard to suit your applications.
Our mounted sprayers come with shielded non-drip nozzles as standard.


Stop valve kit

All units are fitted with a “no return” valve to avoid pressure failure inside the hydraulic cylinders.

  • Flanges for Arag hydraulic valves
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Supplied with fixing screws
  • Protected against corrosives


H - Power supply socket & plug
L - Two boxes feeding cable
M - Two boxes support
N - Hydraulic control box cable
O – Hydraulic control box extension cable
P – Foam marker
Q – Hydraulic valves

Electric Hydraulic Control Box

  • Control box for operating hydraulic booms thanks to double action hydraulic levels
  • Levelling, height, locking and 4 or 6 booms motion drives
  • Right and left led for row marker
  • Power supply 12 Vdc

Hydraulic Valves

  • Units from 3 to 9 functions
  • Pilot valve for discharge
  • Max. pressure valve
  • Double solenoid electrovalves
  • Possibility of manual operating
  • Threaded valves outlets, G1/4" M
  • Threaded inlet and outlet of unit, G1/2"M
  • Electrovalve absorption 27W
  • Power supply 12 Vdc
  • Protection against corrosives
  • Possibility of mounting integrated locking valves

Pump Unit

The trailed sprayers are fitted with a choice of PTO or ground driven pumps e.g.

AR 160 BP

Udor Zeta 85 1C

Imovilli D113

Jacto 150

Comet BP 60

Available Sizes:

  • Boom: 10-33 meters
  • Tank: 2000 litres and 2500 litres
  • Pump: 50-250 litres/min

Optional Fitment – Spray controllers with GPS (Increase your productivity and profits via automated and precise chemical/water application)


  • Bravo 300S or Bravo400 Controller
  • Mixing Tank
  • Foam marker
  • Trelleborg tyres

3 Meter Trailed Sprayer

The trailed sprayers are fitted with a choice of PTO or ground driven pumps e.g.

New in our range are the 33 meter HD Trailed Sprayers.

  • Fitted with Trelleborg tyres
  • Full electrical hydraulic system.
  • BRAVO 300S 5 valve hydraulic controller.
  • 2500 Lt tank.
  • 600Lt for fresh water (optional)
  • Can also be fitted with triple DCV's with 66 nozzles per application.
  • Fitted with a UDOR RO 320TS 2C pump (320 Lt/min)
  • Air cushions for stability.
  • On board hydraulics also available.

Roundup Sprayer

This small tractor sprayer is ideal for the application of Roundup as well as liquid fertilizer.

This Small tractor Sprayer is ideal for the application of Roundup as well as liquid fertiliser.

  • Comes with a 600 or 1000 lt tank
  • Adjustable for 5ft and 7ft rows.
  • Fully adjustable booms.
  • Spacing between 3ft and 7ft.
  • Also available in the standard booms (6, 10 and 12 meters.)
  • 12 meter boom available with trapezium.
  • Fitted with a UDOR Zeta 70 1C PTO driven pump.
  • Available in single or tandem axle.